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Since the dawn of civilization, the White Dove has symbolized the noblest virtues and deepest desires of mankind: Peace, Love, Spiritual Purity, innocence, Devotion, Fidelity, and Hope. The White Dove is an extraordinarily powerful symbol that is rooted in antiquity and has the potential to touch the deepest reaches of one’s soul. A White Dove Release Ceremony is more than symbolic. It is the embracing of the ceaseless pattern that we call life, and the embodiment of all that we hold dear. Whether it is a baptism, wedding, or funeral, there isn’t a more meaningful way to commemorate your ceremony than with a White Dove Ceremonial Release.


"Just a big 'Thank You' for bringing your beautiful birds to my daughter and son-in-laws wedding in skerries in October. They were overwhelmed and totally surprised. Martina's words were ' I have always dreamed of doves on my wedding day and they have made my day complete'. "

Joanne & Dave

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